Vegan Protein~ Vanilla Milk Shake (Genesis 1:29)

⭐Promotes Lean Muscle Growth

⭐Boosts Metabolism 

⭐30 Servings

⭐Supports Muscle Tissue Restoration


Vegan vanilla protein

It mixes flawlessly to deliver a silky-smooth, rich, mouthwatering and healthy shake or smoothie

THE Ingredients

vegan protein

Rice, Pea & Quinoa sourced.

mct oil

Increases metabolic rate during exercise.

acai berry

Supports antioxidant function, cardiovascular and kidney health.

vitamin C

Supports immune, cardiovascular, skin cognitive and digestive health.

goji berry

Reduces imflammation and supports vision health.


Reduces blood pressure, and aids in blood sugar regulation and gut health.

cut time, not quality with our genesis 1:29 vegan protein.