What romans 12:2 taught us

Let’s dive into what Romans 12:2 taught us and how we use the transformation of our minds to transform our physical bodies and our lives!

Have you ever wanted to start a new habit, but your heart wasn’t really in it? Your mind knew it was a good thing, but when it came time to develop the habit day by day it was hard to make yourself do it, so eventually you didn’t?

Whether you realize it or not, you fell into a pattern. 

It’s easy to fall into patterns of comfort instead of the ones that serve us best. Habits or patterns that grow our minds, care for our bodies and serve our overall well being are hard to start. Especially when we don’t know if the end result is certain.  

So destructive patterns become the norm. 

Look around, you’ll see it all over. On TV, social media, maybe in your friend group or maybe in your own habits. What about your own thoughts?

Do your thought patterns build you up and speak life to your growing process? Or are some negative, impatient and simply not true? 

Because you are reading this, and have gotten this far. We invite you to do an analysis of your own patterns in your life. 

Your eating habits, your workday habits, your thought patterns, how you speak to others and how you speak to yourself. 

The habit I asked you to think of in the beginning that you had tried but quit. What did you replace that habit with? What do you use that time for instead? 

If we want to change anything about our physical life, our income, our health, our relationships and even our environment. It starts with changing our mind. 

In Romans 12:2 the Apostle Paul wrote:

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

I think he wanted us to know that even though it’s easy to get caught up in the patterns of the world, what our friends are doing, how they talk, eating habits and other habits we picked up from our parents or friends…. the “norm”, we don’t have to conform to them.

 It doesn’t have to be our patterns.

By spending time in God’s word, and growing in a relationship with him you’ll see there are many different perspectives to this world. 

Can you remember a time when you thought you saw something or someone clearly, but it actually wasn’t correct? 

And once you found out the truth, it might have been odd that you didn’t see it all along.

Are you willing to expand your mind and try an alternative perspective on your own life, your own habits, how you speak and think of yourself? You might not be seeing you for all that you are or can be. 

Often, many people see their past, some things they didn’t succeed at to the level of their expectations and end up labeling themselves things that aren’t true. They end up bringing these memories and feelings into their present life and present moments in their day to day, only seeing themself at this level or in this box they keep themself in within their mind. 

Why do we do that? Have you ever held on to a memory that brought a bad feeling whenever you thought about it? And maybe even let that memory convince you that this event, or experience was a part of your identity? 

Our brains, oddly enough, do this because of comfort. Yes, the feeling is bad but it’s familiar to us. And our brains and bodies like familiarity. We feel safe in it. Even if it’s a destructive and hurtful thought, because it’s familiar to us, we sit in it and allow our minds to play it over and over again. 

With our ‘truth’ playing on repeat like this, we leave no room for God’s truth to be spoken over our life and into it. We need to make room in our minds for change and for God to speak to us. 

Even if we only had the healthiest of physical patterns, we ate super healthy, we worked out everyday, we got all our work done. If our mind patterns aren’t healthy, we won’t be happy and we won’t be growing mentally or spiritually. 

We must renew our minds and leave space for God’s truth in our life. His perspective on us as individuals is not cluttered with our past experiences that we clutch so tightly. 

Read Romans 12:2 for yourself as a reminder and see what new perspectives you start to see!

We’d love to hear from you if this writing spoke to you or made you evaluate your habits and thought patterns.

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